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Preconception & Perinatality


Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can

My Experience

María Rosa Laplace Andrealo

After years of trying it with doctors, they informed us that we would not be able to have children unless we did an in-vitro fertilization. I was coming out of a burnout, so we decided that that would not be an option for us. When I got pregnant, I had a miscarriage which ended up with a curettage. I fell into such a deep depression that I had to be admitted to a clinic.

Four weeks later I was discharged. My new focus was on relaxing, not on getting pregnant. I returned to my studies in Psychology at UNED and we went on vacation in August. In September I became pregnant with Martina, who was born at home in June 2015.

A few months later I opened my first practice as Life Coach with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Reconstructive Hypnosis (Hipnosis Clínica Reparadora®), Reiki and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage. (Trainings that I had done since 2003 in Uruguay, Spain and Switzerland). In April 2018 Manuel was born, at home too, and I celebrated my 43rd birthday two weeks later.

That same year I began the  Perinatal Mental Health  Training (pregnancy, delivery and postpartum) with the idea of ​​specializing in the subject. So, I decided to create an interdisciplinary network specialized in Perinatal Mental Health and Preconception.


I am sure that the main reason why I can enjoy this wonderful family is that I learned to live stressful situations in a more resilient way. Eating healthy and taking life more calmly seems to have been the solution. That is what I want to convey to couples who consult. And if they choose that path, I will partner with them or recommend them to one of my colleagues.

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Programs tailored to your needs

All sessions and courses are private. There are no group courses.

9 Weeks Program during the Time Before Pregnancy


We will get ready for Pregnancy, not only for the birth.


Together we will plan the Best Delivery that your circumstances allow.


The Postpartum is another new stage in our Life. In less than a year we have gone through Preconception, Pregnancy and Childbirth. We are now in the longest stage that entails a better understanding to achieve a realistic and informed family organization.