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My Services for Everyone

Mothers and Fathers with babies are always welcome to Reiki, Massage and Coaching sessions. 


30 min. - CHF 60.-

45 min. - CHF 90.-

60 min. - CHF 110.-

90 min. - CHF 165.-

Reiki in the Woods add CHF 10.-

Coaching with NLP

  60 min. - CHF 110.-

  90 min. - CHF 165.-

120 min. - CHF 210.-

180 min. - CHF 310.-


Lomi Lomi


  60 min. - CHF 120.-

90 min. - CHF 175.-

120 min. - CHF 220.-

120 min. Lomi and Classic massage

for couples or two women

CHF 220 per person



  90 min. - CHF 165.-

120 min. - CHF 210.-

180 min. - CHF 310.-

Services I recommend

This is the winning team that was built around our two births. A group of very well trained people in the fields of preconception, pregnancy, delivery, pospartum and beyond who still support us as if they were members of our Family.

Barbara Stemmler was the midwife we ​​chose for our first home birth, which we also followed with medical checks at the beginning.

For our second home birth, we prescinded from doctors and rely on Barbara's experience and the wisdom of Mother Nature. All the appointments we had with her during the second pregnancy were made in the comfort of our home. That allowed our daughter Martina to go, little by little, understanding what was happening inside Mom's womb. She could even hear the heartbeat of Manuel (before we knew it was boy).

Barbara "connected" with our babies in a way that is not easy to explain with words.

She speaks German.

Ximena Silva, Doula certified in Perinatal Mental Health, is also Breastfeeding Advisor, Leader of La Leche League in Zurich, Graphic Designer and Family Photographer. All family photos of this website during my pregnancies, delivery and postpartum have been made by her. She combines her knowledge with a sensitivity that cannot be learned in any course.


The way Ximena supported me during our two births at home gave me what I needed: the certainty that everything was just fine. A loving, positive and trustworthy presence.


She speaks Spanish, German and French.

Massimo Martino is Shiatsu practitioner specialized in shiatsu during pregnancy. That helped me a lot in avoiding the "typical" issues pregnant women have during these months.

My two pregnancies reached the 42nd week so he came home every time that was needed to collaborate with the start of the delivery.

I am sure that my babies felt his energy even before birth.

After the births I shared the futon with my babies during the sessions.

I cannot imagine being pregnant without shiatsu with Massimo.


He gives treatments in English, Italian, German and French.

Claudio Rupp is Homeopath. He is the one we turn to when something happens with our health. With him we have received holistic attention. He takes the necessary time to identify as precisely as possible the origin of our "problem" by asking us many questions and thus be able to give us the best solution and advise.


Once we met Claudio, we were able to see "diseases" and health from a new perspective. More information at www.homöopathiezü


He speaks German, English and French.

Ouajdi Amdouni is an osteopath specialized in paediatrics osteopathy.


Ouajdi helped me a lot during the stressful period of burnout, depression and during our failed pregnancy attempts. During your treatments you feel you are in good hands.


He speaks German and English.

Milena Holstein is our babywearing consultant.

She makes different types of massages: classic, with precious stones and for pregnant women.


Milena also provides support during pregnancy and performs blessing ceremonies for mothers. She organizes courses of preparation for  childbirth and other activities related to pregnancy, childbirth and women.

She speaks German.